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We view exercise and fitness as an essential component of modern living. How many of us sit at desks all day and have very little physical activity as part of our jobs? How many of us are scared to go to the gym for fear of not knowing what we are doing or looking foolish? Personal training is a great solution to any objection you might have towards fitness. Learn from a fitness professional and take with you skills and tools to help you stay healthy.

We are equipped to help anyone achieve their goals, from weight loss to sport specific training, we have you covered. Do you want to improve your performance in a marathon? What about losing weight for that upcoming wedding? Do you need to improve your quality of life? Are you ambitious enough to do a fitness competition? No matter what you are aiming for, we can help you!

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My personal training programs consist of strength training, cardio, nutrition, and motivation.

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Are you over the age of 30? If you are, you should be considering how you plan to age. Why? You need to take a measured proactive approach to using your body and unleashing its potential.

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While we are not doctors, it cannot be denied that fitness is on the preventative end of medicine. We have specialties in corrective exercise technique to help reduce neuromuscular imbalance and minimize aches and pains that you have become accustomed to having.

We do not accept pain as something that should be the status quo and you shouldn’t either. Through corrective exercise technique we can eliminate trips to the chiropractor and personal training, when the right program is in place, can even be excellent for people seeking corrective activity after physical rehabilitation.

“I have been work in with Ted for 6 and a half months and love seeing the progress I have achieved. There are days that I am sore after my sessions but I ALWAYS know that it is turning into something great. And it pushes me further to achieving my personal goals. That is what determination, dedication and drive is what makes working with Ted all worth it.”
“Been working out almost daily for 10+ years, it was time for some refreshers on proper techniques, proper stretching, and overall proper exercise. Ted came through in every facet. He is a smart trainer and will get you on track to your goals of whatever level of fitness success that you desire. I will be back to see Ted soon.”